Software and Firmware Development

Our software developers have implemented a range of software and firmware solutions, often with demanding time constraints and highly complex technologies. All of our developers are professionals with degree on computer scientists or engineers. Our consulting and development experience spans the complete software development life cycle and includes applications ranging from embedded device firmware and signal processing to high-volume, high-availability enterprise applications. Our experience covers the following software and firmware development areas: - Complete development life cycle, including requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance - Platforms including application servers, embedded devices and firmware - Operating Systems from RTOS (VxWorks, GHS Integrity ...) to COTS (Windows and Linux) - Embedded platform: FPGA, MCU, DSP, SoC , est.. - Languages including C/C++, C#/.Net, HTML.. est. and VHDL Building upon this experience, our software developers have applications with a wide range of technologies including: - Sophisticated data processing and signal analysis for a variety of applications, high-speed impact data acquisition - Enterprise applications for various tools and business - Real Time application for different requirements and custom needs - Custom platform BSP for Real-Time Operation Systems - Low-level device drivers for Operation Systems - Peripherals and interfaces for embedded (MCU, DSP or hybrid) platforms - Video encoding, decoding and processing include real time OSD - Sophisticated motion control and digital legacy system interfacing - Networking algorithms and protocols - Special protocols and standards implementation ( such as PLC, CAN-Bus, MIL-1553, est.) - Data acquisition, data analysis and yield management - Implementation custom algorithm (mathematics and logic)